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How to submit a TD

To submit a TD the Author(s) must:

  1. request a TD number within the deadline specified;
  2. prepare a PDF file containing the document to be presented, with a proper cover page;
  3. send the PDF file within the deadline specified.

Instructions on the various steps are given below. 


If you intend to ask for a TD number, please go to the Members' Area and select "TD Submission". Then, simply fill the form with all the data requested.

The "TD Submission" page is closed.

TD STRUCTURE (Cover page)

Every Temporary Document must be preceded by a cover page.

- Those intending to use Word to edit their TD, please use the CoverPage_IC1004.doc file
- Those intending to use LaTeX to edit their TD, please use the CoverPage.sty file

Please find here the instructions on how to fill in the cover page.


The final submission of a TD must be performed via email after receiving the TD number and no later than September 13th, 2013.

To submit your TD, please send an email with subject "IC1004 - TD Submission" to attaching the full TD in PDF format named as the TD number assigned to you.