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SWG 1.2 - Channel modelling contribution to standardisation

Chairman: Tommi Jämsä, Anite, Finland

SWG1.2 encourages COST IC1004 members to prepare (joint) contributions on channel models to standardisation and pre-standardisation. Since some (pre-)standardisation forums are usually attended by industry this SWG makes it possible for academic partners to prepare contributions which will actually be presented by industry members of COST IC1004. In some cases, academic partner can present the contribution as well. There are several ongoing activities on channel model standardisation, e.g. IEEE 802.11HEW channel modeling, 3GPP 3D and D2D study items, and 3GPP/CTIA MIMO OTA. Since many of them will be finished very soon, COST IC1004 SWG1.2 may focus on beyond 4G, e.g., METIS, LTE-A evolution, WiFi evolution, etc.

Exemplary topics to be discussed within SWG1.2

  • channel model framework and clustering
  • propagation in different frequency bands from cellular frequencies up to 60 GHz and beyond
  • channel models for device-to-device and vehicle-to-vehicle scenarios
  • UE height and distance dependent elevation parameters
  • channel models for massive MIMO
  • path loss models
  • antenna array models

Aimed outcomes:

  • joint contributions to standards
  • joint contributions to pre-standardisation forums such as METIS

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