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TWGI - Indoor Environment

Chairman: Pawel Kulakowski (PL) and Klaus Witrisal (AT)

The Topical Working Group Indoor is intended to bring together the expertise from the main WGs, focusing on the indoor environment.
Currently, researchers cooperating in TWGI deal mainly with three research areas:

  1. The first very active topic is wireless localization. There are many solutions considered, including ultra wideband techniques, passive (device-free) sensor networks, as well as a combination of receive signal strength and camera images data.
  2. The second area of TWGI interest is 60 GHz indoor channel measurements and modelling, where the newest measurement results are exchanged and discussed among different European laboratories.
  3. The third topic is about femtocells and LTE networks, especially in the aspect of energy efficiency and traffic sharing.

It should be stressed however, that the interest of TWGI group is not limited to the issues listed above, but rather open for all technical challenges of indoor wireless communication.


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