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Workshops and Conferences are open, in general, to the whole scientific community and actas a showcase for the activities of the Action. They are usually organised in conjunction with a ManagementCommittee meeting or other major scientific event in the field of the Action.

IC1004 Workshops:

  • Joint Workshop on "Small Cell Cooperative Communications" - 2 May 2012, Lyon, France, co-located with the 4th IC1004 Technical and Management Meeting;
  • COST IC1004 + GREENETS Joint Workshop on “SON Algorithms for Energy Efficiency” - 28 May 2013, Ilmenau (Germany), co-located with the 7th IC1004 Technical and Management Meeting.
  • COST IC1102 (VISTA) and COST IC1004 Joint Workshop on "Terminal Antenna Systems for 4G and Beyond" - 25 September 2013, Ghent (Belgium), co-located with the 8th IC1004 Technical and Management Meeting.
  • Workshop on "Radio Channel Models for Higher Frequency Bands" and Workshop on"Evolution of Radio Access Network Technologies towards 5G" - May 5th, 2015 - co-located with the 13th IC1004 MC Meeting. Venue: City of the Arts and Sciences, auditorium of Museo de la Ciencia, Valencia (Spain)
  • Joint NEWCOM/COST Workshop on Wireless Communications JNCW 2015 October 14 – 15, 2015, Hotel Plaza, Barcelona (Spain)