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Working Groups

IC1004 Action is organized in:

  • five Topical Working Groups (TWGs), which address specific types of Green Smart Environments (GSEs). Each Topical WG is chaired by a scientist elected by the WG members every two years.

    • TWGB - Body Environment, chaired by Raffaele D’Errico (FR) and Kamya Yazdandoost (JP)
    • TWGV - Vehicular Environment, chaired by Levent Ekiz (AT) and Erik Strom (SE)
    • TWGI - Indoor Environment, chaired by Pawel Kulakowski (PL) and Klaus Witrisal (AT)
    • TWGU - Urban Environment, chaired by Dennis M. Rose (DE) and Sana Salous (UK)
    • TWGO - OTA (Over-the-air Testing), chaired by Gert Pedersen (DK) and Wim Kotterman (DE)
  • three Disciplinary Working Groups (DWGs), which provide the scientific support to the TWGs. These WGs aree chaired by scientists elected by the Management Committee every two years.

    • WG1 – Radio Channel, chaired by Claude Oestges, U.C.L. (BE)
    • WG2 – Radio Signalling, chaired by Alister Burr, U.York (UK)
    • WG3 – Radio Networks, chaired by Silvia Ruiz, U.P.C. (ES)
  • three Sub-Working Groups (SWGs) chaired by a scientist elected by the members of the relevant WG. The SWG Chairs will be responsible for the preparation of WG meetings and for the animation of scientific exchanges and activities relevant to their WG (organisation of workshops, etc.). They will draft WG meeting minutes and will report directly to the MC at each MC Meeting.

    • SWG 1.1 – Antennas, chaired by Buon Kiong Lau (SE)
    • SWG 1.2Channel modelling contribution to standardisation, chaired by Tommi Jämsä (FI)
    • SWG 2.1 – PHY layer Cooperation and Relaying, chaired by Jan Sykora (CZ)

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