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TD(12)05021 - TD(12)05040


TD Title Author(s) WG(s)
TD(12)05021 Performance Improvement of OFDM-based AF Relay Systems through Subcarrier Mapping
Enis Kocan, UoM FEE
Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic, UoM FEE
TD(12)05022 Experimental Investigation of a Directional Outdoor-to-In-Car MIMO Propagation Channel Fredrik, Harrysson, Ericsson
Jonas, Medbo, Ericsson
Fredrik, Tufvesson, Lund
TD(12)05023 Increasing the volume of test zones in anechoic chamber MIMO Over-the-Air test set-ups Wim Kotterman, TUI
Verification of the Charge and Current MoM for Mixed PEC and Dielectrics J. De Bleser, KU Leuven
E. Van Lil, KU
A. Van de Capelle, KU Leuven

TD(12)05025 Energy Saving in the Optimization of the Planning of Fixed WiMAX with Relays in Hilly Terrains: Impact of Sleep Modes and Cell Zooming
Fernando J. Velez, UBI
João R. Oliveira, UBI
Daniel Robalo, UBI
Oliver Holland, CTR-KCLA
Hamid Aghvami, CTR-KCL
TD(12)05026 A Dynamic Q-Learning-Based Scheduler Technique for LTE-Advanced Technologies Using Neural Networks
Ioan Sorin Comsa, UBED
Sijing Zhang, UBED
Mehmet Aydin, UBED
Pierre Kuonen, HES-SO
J. Wagen, HES-SO
TD(12)05027 TEM multi-conductor powerline cable Analysis for BPL applications
E. Van Lil, KU Leuven
L. Wang, KU Leuven
J. De Bleser, KU Leuven
G. Deconinck, KU Leuven
TD(12)05028 Diffraction in urban scenarios: Where is the (virtual) source?
Radovan Zentner, UNIZG
Ana Katalinić, UNIZG
Tihana Delač, UNIZG

TD(12)05029 Measurement Results of Wideband Indoor MIMO Channel at 11 GHz
Minseok Kim, (Tokyo Tech)
Yohei Konishi, (Tokyo Tech)
Yuyuan Chang, (Tokyo Tech)
Jun-ichi Takada, (Tokyo Tech)
TD(12)05030 Indoor Wideband 8 x 12 MIMO Channel Analysis in an Exhibition Hall with Presence of People
Y. Chang, Tokyo Tech
Yohei Konish, Tokyo Tech
Minseok Kim, Tokyo Tech
J. Takada, Tokyo Tec
TD(12)05031 Comparison of Ray Tracing and Channel-Sounder Measurements for Vehicular Communications
Jörg Nuckelt, TUBS
Taimoor Abbas, Lund
Fredrik Tufvesson, Lund
C. Mecklenbräuker, VUT
Laura Bernadó, FTW
Thomas Kürner, TUBS
TD(12)05032 An increase of the communication range and a spatial selectivity of the active UHF RFID technology by using special types of antennas
Ivo Dufek, BTU
Zbynek Lukes, BTU

TD(12)05033 Antenna Synthesis Method for the Design of Optimal UWB Indoor-based MIMO Antennas
Leen Sit, KIT
Lars Reichardt, KIT
Ran Liu, KIT
Hao Liu, KIT
Thomas Zwick, KIT
TD(12)05034 Effect of 3-D Spatial Correlation on the Capacity of MIMO Mobile-to-Mobile Relay Fading Channels
E. Michailidis, UPRC
P. Theofilakos, UPRC
A. Kanatas, UPRC
TD(12)05035 Synthesis and Realization of a 2x2 MIMO roof-top antenna for Car-to-Car Communication
Lars Reichardt (KIT)
Tobias Mahler (KIT)
Yoke Leen Sit (KIT)
Thomas Zwick (KIT)
TD(12)05036 Using the Car-to-Car Communication Standard Simultaneously for Radar Sensing and Communication
Lars Reichardt (KIT)
Yoke Leen Sit (KIT)
Tom Schipper (KIT)
Thomas Zwick (KIT)
TD(12)05037 On the leaky feeders of television receiver antennas and using polarisation in television white spaces
T. W. C. Brown, UNISR
TD(12)05038 Long-Term Clock Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks with Arbitrary Delay Distributions
Wanlu Sun, Chalmers
Erik G. Ström, Chalmers 
F. Brännström, Chalmers 
Debarati Sen, Chalmers

TD(12)05039 On RF Impairments in MIMO, interference alignment (IA) and coordinated multipoint (CoMP)
Per Zetterberg, KTH
Nima N. Moghadam, KTH
Emil Björnsson, KTH

TD(12)05040 MIMO OTA Absolute Data Throughput concept
Istvan, Szini, MMI/AAU
Anatoliy, Ioffe, Intel
Mikael, Knudsen, Intel
Xavier, Carreno, Intel



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