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Official Documents

This section lists all the official documents related to COST IC1004 Action.

  • Memorandum of Understanding, which defines the background, objectives and benefits, scientific programme and organisation of the Action;
  • Rules, which includes all the rules that a IC1004 member should know (i.e. rules which the Management Committee is subjected to, Travel Reimbursement rules, how to apply for a Short Term Scientific Mission, etc);
  • Minutes, which includes the minutes of each MC Meeting held during the lifetime of the Action.
  • COST IC1004 Position Paper on Horizon2020: The document summarises the position of COST IC1004 Action on Cooperative Radio Communications for Green and Smart Environments towards the future Research Framework in Horizon2020.
  • COST IC1004 Monitoring progress reports (2012) (2013)
  • COST IC1004 Action Poster 2013 (pdf)
  • COST IC1004 White Paper on Scientific Challenges towards 5G Mobile Communications(pdf)

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