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TWGV - Vehicular Environment

Chairman: Levent Ekiz (DE) and Erik Strom (SE)

An emerging area of great significance for the safety and comfort of people as well as for the environment is cooperative traffic safety and traffic efficiency applications. Such applications require vehicles and road infrastructure (road signs, traffic lights, toll booths, etc.) to exchange information to make the transport safer (less accidents, injuries, and fatalities) and more efficient (less traffic jams, fuel consumption, and emissions). Hence, wireless communications is a crucial enabling technology for these applications. Although much is known about traditional cellular wireless channels, this is not the case for the vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-road side channels due to low antenna heights, high mobility scenarios, complex propagation environments, and particular constraints for antenna systems installed in vehicles.

The Topical Group on Vehicular Environment are gathering experts to discuss many aspects of vehicular communication, including:

- Radio propagation and radio channel models
- Antenna systems
- Physical and medium access layers
- Vehicular ad-hoc networks
- Standardization activities


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