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WG1 - Radio Channel

Chairman: Claude Oestges, U.C.L. (BE)

The major objective of WG1 "Radio Channel" is to develop an integrated radio channel model suited to the new challenges posedby the emerging green smart environments, densely populated with cooperating and data exchanging objects, under stringentefficiency and environmental constraints.
Building on the existing COST 259/273/2100 models, the COST IC1004 model will be consolidated by the large combined expertise of the contributing members of the Action, guaranteeing a wide European and international acceptance, well beyond the circle of its members.
More specifically, WG1 addresses the following scientific challenges and topics:

  1. The first topic deals with the integration of models developed withing the various TWGs (body, indoor, urban, vehicular), in particular in terms of scalability. To this end, hybrid modeling approaches are being investigated.
  2. The multi-link aspects of COST 2100 models still require a larger validation, which can be carried out in collaboration with the respective TWGs, in particular with TWG-U and TWG-I.
  3. Finally, a critical aspect for the acceptance and dissemination of the model is the existence of a software implementation. Hence, it is envisaged to extend the existing COST 2100 model implementation.



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