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WG3 – Radio Networks

Chairman: Silvia Ruiz, U.P.C. (ES)

WG3 focusses its interest on Advanced Radio Networks technologies and their Optimization, fostering a cooperative work, not only at network level and among different technologies, but especially among WG3 participants to gain in efficiency while sharing ideas and resources.

Some of the topics covered by WG3 are:
- Adaptive allocation of resources and RRM, Spectrum Sensing and Management, Resource Sharing in HetNets, Cognitive Radio and White Space Devices: applied to 4G cellular networks, LTE and LTE-A, femtocells, Virtual Networks, WSN, Mesh and Ad-Hoc Networks
- Cooperative Communications and Self Organizing Networks (multihop topology and routing, diversity, use of Relays and RRH, crosslayer design)
- Energy saving and energy efficiency, power allocation and consumption, interference reduction and coordination.
- Smart Cities Wireless Sensor Networks and their applications.

Additional objectives of WG3 are: the definition of common scenarios to test the different technologies using the same platform, the exchange of PhD and young researchers among institutions, the co-supervision of PhD students and the joint publication of papers in journals and conferences.

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