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TWGO - OTA (Over-the-air Testing)

Chairman: Gert Pedersen (DK) and Wim Kotterman (DE)

The Topical Working Group on MIMO OTA commits itself to developing Over-the-Air testing techniques for reproducibly and reliably assessing the performance of (small) MIMO user equipment.

The TWG has liaisons with two international standardisation bodies, i.e. the MIMO OTA Sub-Group (MOSG) of CTIA and RAN4 of 3GPP that pursue standardised OTA tests for LTE User Equipment.
A recently coordinated distribution of tasks is that CTIA will concentrate on test equipment and test methodology and 3GPP RAN4 on test environments including channel models and on statistical evaluation methods.
The TWG aims at contributing to all of these tasks.
As a result, the work program of the TWG has a focus on LTE (Advanced) equipment. Nevertheless, whereas both standardisation bodies are committed to produce OTA standards within a limited time frame, the TWG also incorporates research items that have wider scope or longer term impact.

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