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6th Training School on "SAR & EM exposure in wireless networks"

6th IC1004 Training School 
April 15-17, 2014
Télécom Paris Tech, Paris (France)
Local organizer: Prof. Alain Sibille


The exposure of populations to electromagnetic fields (EMF) is an issue of growing societal importance today, which motivates a number of political, regulatory, technical and scientific developments around the world. This is particularly true of wireless networks of all kinds, which penetrate our lives closer and closer including in-home and on-body areas. Various solutions may be sought in order to reduce the exposure of humans to EMF by these networks in the coming years, while maintaining the enormous benefits offered by these networks in everyone's life.

The training school will broadly cover the main issues of EMF exposure by wireless networks. It is targeted towards researchers and R&D engineers feeling concern in these aspects, coming from academia, Telecom operators, techno-providers or even governmental institutions having an interest in the exposure of populations to EMF. The instructors are high level experts deeply involved in R&D on EMF exposure.

The school is jointly organized by the European FP7 project LEXNET and the European COST Action IC1004 and is technically sponsored by URSI-France. It is hosted by Telecom ParisTech.

Topics (preliminary):

  • Electromagnetic waves, wireless communications, risk perception
  • Numerical dosimetry, mathematical and computer modeling, statistical aspects and evaluation of exposure
  • Tools for the measurement of fields and of transmitted/received power for exposure determination,
  • Dosimeter types and design, measurement protocols
  • Wave propagation in relation with exposure. simulation tools and methods
  • In situ field measurements. methods, standards, role of radio protocols and schemes, extrapolation
  • SAR measurements, standards, role of radio protocols and schemes, test configurations, fast SAR
  • Design of multi-antennas terminals and relation with exposure
  • Network technologies and impact on exposure, antenna issues, discontinuous transmission issues
  • Network architectures and impact on the management of exposure, Hetnet, offloading, SON
  • Low EMF networks vs. green networks: incompatibilities and synergies
  • EMF aspects in 5G wireless networks
  • Visit of a testing lab unit and of an EMF simulation facility