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6th MC & Scientific Meeting, 6-8 February 2013 - Malaga, ES


The 6th IC1004 MC and Scientific Meeting took place in Malaga, Spain on February 6-8, 2013.

Two Tutorials have been held on tuesday February 5th, 2013: 

1) Tutorial on "LTE-Advanced HetNets simulation"
Speakers: Dr. Jose Monserrat (iTEAM-UPV), Mr. Oscar Carrasco (SistelNetworks) 
Venue: University of Malaga (COST meeting rooms)
Time: from 3pm to 5pm
Attendance list

1. LTE-A overview
2. Link Level Simulation
3. Channel models
4. Simulation Scenarios 
5. System Level Simulation
6. Some practical results using SN4G simulator

Abstract: The tutorial explains with practical examples some techniques used for the simulation of Heterogeneous Radio Access Networks, with more enphasis on those including LTE-Advanced technology. After a brief introduction on the particularities of LTE and LTE-A, the link level and system level simulation of such type of systems is explained. The second part of the tutorial shows some practical examples of realistic and syntetic simulation scenarios of HetNets including LTE-A, based on the Simulation tool SN4G.

2) Tutorial on "Biological Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation (SAR and Heat)"
Speaker: Dr. Kamya Yekeh Yazdandoost (NICT)
Venue: University of Malaga (COST meeting rooms)
Time: from 4pm to 6pm
Attendance list

1. Introduction to RF Field and Antenna
2. Ionizing and non-ionizing Radiation
3. RF Field and Body Tissues
4. Body Resonance Frequency
5. Specific Absorption Rate
6. Limits for Exposure at Extremely Low Frequency
7. Heat

Abstract: The electromagnetic energy at both high and low frequencies can be transmitted into biological materials through the use of antennas or applicators. The heating effect of electromagnetic radiation destroys living tissue when the temperature of the tissue exceeds 43o C. A major interaction mechanism is through the currents induced in tissues, so effects are dependent on frequency, wave shape, and intensity. For safety reason of human body to the radiation, it is restricted to certain level. The limits for partial body and whole body exposure are specified in terms of a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). This tutorial provides coverage on the effect of electromagnetic radiation on body tissues, SAR and Heat.

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